Navigating tweendom: A dad's tale

Jun 17, 2011

Being a father of tweens and teens isn't easy. Just ask writer Tim Haywood. With Father's Day coming up, Tim reflects on his efforts to take the high road, even when it gets bumpy.

Haywood writes a lot about parenting on his blog, Reflections of a shallow pond. He describes the blog as "assorted curmudgeonly ramblings of a forty-somethinger."

Here are some excerpts from his essay "Talking to our kids: Why honesty isn't the best policy." This is the essay about his daughters that Haywood turned into a commentary for KPLU

"Dad, can you not make so much noise unloading the dishwasher? I'm trying to wake up slowly." My response, were I not the Dalai Lama, married to her mama: "Oh, sorry about that. Tomorrow morning I promise I'll tip toe into your room and slowly awaken you wearing full clown make-up."

"Dad, next time will you spread the fake butter more evenly on my English Muffin?" My response, assuming I weren't shattered by her comment: "Of course, Snookums. The Oompa Loompas normally perform this function. I truly am ashamed."

Haywood assures us that he loves his daughters. Really.