Nancy Gets All Healthy

Jun 11, 2014

When I hear the words "healthy eating," I reach for my pork chop. Still, I must admit that chef Maria Hines had some pretty good ideas.  

Nancy Leson wrote about them recently in the Pacific Northwest Magazine of the Seattle Times. Setting down my pork chop for the moment, we discussed what she learned.

"I really have to get healthy, because I'm fallin' apart here," Nancy kvetched. Citing chef Hines' experience, she reports that exercise was not enough. 

"She was a heavy duty worker-outer," she said, but that alone was not enough. "She needed to pay attention to nutrition."

As do we all. And I must say that some of her suggestions seem quite palatable.  Like the soup made of pureed cauliflower. Or using same instead of cream in chowder. 

You can keep the fruit smoothies, though.

"...and this is a plate of Black Forest chocolate cake, you deserve it."

– Allen Ginsberg from C'mon Pigs of Western Civilization, Eat More Grease