Mobile warnings of 'ratpocalypse' hit streets in Pioneer Square

Sep 13, 2012

Replacing Seattle’s Alaskan Way Viaduct is going to bring more than dust and noise; it’s also predicted to create a mass exodus of rats and cockroaches in search of quieter places to hide, feed and cause damage.

“The potential harm these pests present include contaminating and spoiling food supplies, transmission of disease and bacteria and structural damage to buildings and electrical wiring," according to Sprague Pest Solutions.

Sprague has hit the streets of Pioneer Square and around the waterfront with their mobile billboards encouraging people to contact them and brace for pest problem to come.

Preventative measures that Sprague encourages people to make when the giant boring machine goes to work next year includes:

  • Seal all possible pest entry points
  • Clean up spills, food and loose trash
  • Keep refuse area clean
  • Repair leaky pipes and building damage quickly
  • Be vigilant