Mayor McGinn calls on Congress to support Obama's jobs plan

Sep 16, 2011

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn wants Congress to put aside partisanship and pass President Obama's $450 billion American Jobs Act.

If passed, it could mean big bucks for the state of Washington; The federal government could fund up to $1.8 billion worth of public works projects that it says, would create jobs and improve infrastructure.

Here's a breakdown of how the money would be applied:

  • $741 million to invest in highways, transit, rail and aviation. This ¬†could support a minimum of 9,600 jobs
  • $628 million would keep teachers, police and firefighters on the job
  • $365 million to update and build new schools. This could support¬† up to 4,700 jobs
  • Up to $20 million would be available through competitive¬† grants to revitalize local communities
  • Washington could receive up to $84 million in funding for community colleges