Mass: Mostly Dry Weekend Here, And 'Seahawks Will Feel Perfectly Comfortable'

Jan 31, 2014

“You can do anything you want over this weekend,” said KPLU weather expert Cliff Mass. “No storms, no nothing. And in fact, there will be some sun.”

Things will dry out late Friday, and temperatures will reach the mid-40s in the lowlands, said Mass. Saturday will add partial sunshine.

Come Super Bowl Sunday, there will be “no weather around here to be worry about,” said Mass. Things will be fairly dry for most of the day.

“Then things get more interesting,” he said.

We might see some light snow flurries overnight Sunday, but if they come at all, they’ll come in the middle of the night.

“There will be no issues coming home from the Super Bowl party,” said Mass.

Super Bowl Forecast

So how about the big game?

“It will be just typical Seattle weather, and the Seahawks will feel perfectly comfortable,” said Mass. “It looks now that the game will start somewhere in the 40s, so it won’t even be that cold."

But things will cool later in the game.

“I’d expect temperatures to slide to the upper 30s sometime in the middle of the game,” said Mass, adding that’s probably as cold as it’ll get. “No snow, no rain, but there will be some wind ... gusting up to 10, 15 miles per hour.”

Still, overall, it will feel just like weather at home for the Seahawks, though without the rain.