Marking the decline of fashion ... and fashion music

Dec 1, 2011

Fashion never goes out of style, and popular music has always provided the sonic accessory. From “Buttons and Bows” to “Chantilly Lace," musicians love to sing about fashions, but arguably there has been a decline in the looks — and the music.

It doesn’t get any classier than Fred Astaire in top hat and tails, so let’s start there:

Some say the decline of fashion coincided with the birth of rock ‘n’ roll. We won’t dispute that, and here’s Carl Perkins for the prosecution:

Another example of fashion – and rock ‘n’ roll going down the tawdry path of decadence:

The latest and most obvious example of the decline of fashion, and a viral (8 million + hits) song to go with it. This is General Larry Pratt and “Pants on the Ground”:

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