Marchers Call for More Action to End Homelessness

Nov 20, 2013

Around 100 protesters took to the streets Wednesday morning to urge local leaders to take action to end homelessness. The protesters spent the night in Westlake Park before marching to Seattle City Hall to attend a meeting of the Committee to End Homelessness.

Protester Isaac Pace, who has been homeless off and on for about 10 years, says people like him are often misunderstood.

“We had a place to live. We had a job and a steady income. But we just fell on hard times and became homeless, and in these hard times, it has been hard to get off the street,” Pace said.

The protesters want faster construction of affordable housing as well as preservation of existing housing. They also want to preserve Metro Bus service and implement discounted fares for low-income riders.

The committee was established eight years ago with the goal of ending homelessness in a decade. A representative of the Committee to End Homelessness could not immediately be reached.