Marchers arrive at state capitol as special session looms

Apr 19, 2011

The Washington legislature is headed for an overtime session. The Senate late Monday approved its plan to close a 5-billion dollar budget shortfall. But it is unlikely differences between the House and Senate can be reconciled by this Sunday’s Easter deadline.

As spring finally arrived at the Capitol, so did a group of weary marchers clad in orange reflective vests.

They walked fifty miles over four days to protest budget cuts and what they call corporate tax giveaways. They were joined by faith leaders who plan to fast this week also in protest. Kevin Knutsen with Washington Community Action, rallied the crowd.

“We want a moral budget. There is not a budget deficit there is a moral deficit in this state.”

At the rally, both Democratic budget chairs - Ross Hunter from the House and Ed Murray from the Senate – passed by. Murray wants to send a referendum to voters this fall to repeal the two-thirds vote requirement to end tax exemptions. Supporters of that proposal hope it can gain traction in a special session.