Man sues SPD, creates website of dashcam videos

Oct 6, 2011

A man whose charges were dismissed after he was arrested by Seattle police three years ago has decided that’s not enough to clear the air. He’s suing the department – and making video from their dashboard cameras public. 

According to the Seattle Times, Eric Rachner is accusing the department of “false arrest, malicious prosecution and “spoliation” of video evidence.” He says the police have denied the existence of footage filmed by their dashboard video cameras.

The courts agreed in a public disclosure judgment last year and gave him access to more than three years of the videos.

Rachner is now working on publishing them on a website called He owns a computer-security company and was originally arrested for obstruction after withholding his identification from officers. The police suspected him of hitting a bystander with a foam ball during a game of “urban golf” on Capitol Hill.      

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