LED lights save Seattle $300,000

Jul 12, 2011

Seattle City Light says the first phase of its LED street light program has already saved the city $300,000. The utility installed 6,000 of the energy efficient lights in the past year between the Ship Canal and North 65th Street.

The second phase is now underway: 12,000 more LED lights will go into service between North 65th and the north end of City Light's service territory. The utility will install a total of 41,000 LED lights by the end of 2014.

City Light Superintendent Jorge Carrasco says the new LEDs use 48 percent less energy compared to the old high pressure sodium lights they're replacing.

When all 41,000 LED lights are in operation, they're expected to save City Light $2.4 million a year.

The new lights emit a whiter light that resembles moonlight. The old lights had an amber tint. The whiter light is supposed to provide better visibility at night by improving depth of field and peripheral vision.