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Kirkland Choral Society

Mar 9, 2018


Kirkland Choral Society and Philharmonia Northwest join forces to present Verdi’s monumental masterpiece – Messa da Requiem.
Considered one of the most dramatic works for the concert hall, Verdi’s Requiem is one of the top five picks for all-time great choral orchestral works. Verdi wrote this masterpiece in his later years, when — financially independent because of his operas -- he only worked on projects about which he was deeply passionate. As a result, the Requiem carries a spiritual and emotional power, as well as a deep personal meaning that is unmatched by any of Verdi's other works. This is the creation of a musical genius at the highest peak of his artistic and creative brilliance.

In our presentation, you’ll experience the full power of Verdi's Requiem, including a magical passage where eight trumpets call all to answer before the throne of God.
You won’t want to miss this: outstanding soloists, a full orchestra, and our symphonic choir of over 100 singers in the Northwest’s premier concert setting. Come be part of it!
​Dr. Glenn Gregg, conductor
Kim Giordano, Soprano
Melissa Plagemann, Mezzo-Soprano
Tim Janecke, Tenor
Clayton Brainerd, Bass-Baritone