Kim Wilson delivers a blues smackdown in the KPLU studios

Feb 7, 2012

Blues singer and harmonica player, Kim Wilson, thinks it’s very healthy for people to drop their emotional guard every now and then and let themselves get smacked around by a great blues performance. 

And he should know.  He’s been doing a fair amount of the smacking for almost 40 years with his bands, The Fabulous Thunderbirds and (more recently) The Kim Wilson Blues All-Stars. 

In this studio session, Wilson goes three rounds with blues, accompanied by two of his All-Stars; guitarist, Kirk Fletcher and pianist, Barrelhouse Chuck. 

They go toe-to-toe with two old blues classics, "Bad Boy" by Eddie Taylor, and "That's Alright" by Jimmy Rogers. They then deliver the knockout punch with one of those spontaneous jams that just seem to happen when three talented friends are having a ball playing the blues together.

You can watch and listen to the entire performance above!