Killer's psychological evaluation will remain confidential

Sep 21, 2011

The Marion County judge who'll decide if Gary Haugen is mentally competent to be executed, is keeping the inmate's psychological evaluation confidential.

Two-time convicted killer, Gary Haugen, wants to drop all appeals of his death penalty.

He fired his lawyers after they they had him undergo a psychological evaluation, then argued he was not competent to be put to death.

Judge Joseph Guimond had set an August date for Haugen’s execution.

The inmate’s lawyers appealed to the State Supreme Court, and Haugen has now undergone another evaluation. But the judge has decided to keep the findings confidential.

Speaking from prison, Haugen said he's pleased.

"I think it's a smart move on his part. And it sits back and holds the little sewing circle that is out there looking for anything and everything that they can to deny my rights," Haugen said.

Judge Guimond is scheduled to consider the evaluation and other evidence at Haugen's competency hearing next week. He'll then decide whether to authorize Haugen's execution.