Karrin Allyson: Relaxin' in the KPLU studios

Aug 27, 2012

Over the past 20 years, vocalist, Karrin Allyson, has recorded 13 albums that cover a vast musical territory. She’s explored The Great American Songbook, the musical styles of Brazil and France, the blues and the work of more contemporary songwriters. She’s recorded a tribute to John Coltrane, a CD of late-night ballads and earned 4 Grammy nominations.

Despite being so busy, every time her tour schedule brings her to Seattle, she visits her friend, jazz host Dick Stein, in the KPLU/Jazz24 performance studio to give us a sample of the music she currently exploring ... and there’s no telling what that might be.

This time around she was happy to kick back a little and dig into her bag for some favorites from past recordings: a medley of Double Rainbow and Chasing Rainbow, another medley—I Want To Be Happy and What A Little Moonlight Can Do, featuring drummer, Todd Strait, and the title track of her most recent CD, ‘Round Midnight. In this casual, intimate session, Karrin accompanies herself on piano and Jeff Johnson is the bassist.