Judge upholds gun ban at UI

Dec 9, 2011

A state judge has ruled in favor of the University of Idaho in a lawsuit filed challenging the university's guns on-campus policy.

The lawsuit was filed in January by Aaron Tribble, a law student at the UI, who was challenging the university's restrictions against firearms in university housing. The policy does not allow loaded weapons, including conceal carry, on campus.

Tribble argued that the ban on firearms infringed on his constitutional rights.

The lawsuit, though, was struck down on Thursday by Latah District Judge John Stegner, who ruled that Tribble had knowingly and voluntarily waived his constitutional right to keep and bear arms at his campus apartment when he signed a license agreement to live there.

In a statement, the UI said it was pleased with the ruling, which it said reaffirmed university policies which have been on the books since the mid-1970s.

Earlier this year some Idaho state lawmakers revived the guns-on-campus debate, but that bill failed to advance in the legislature.

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