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Jazz Caliente: Mambo, Hip-Hop and Basketball

Jan 20, 2017

On this week's Saturday Jazz Caliente we'll hear some of maestro Eddie Palmieri's original music for the documentary "Doin' It in the Park," a film by Bobbito Garcia about the pick-up basketball game culture in NYC's parks.

I've written before about the importance of the Puerto Rican community in keeping Afro-Cuban jazz alive.  This entertaining film, "From Mambo to Hip Hop: A South Bronx Tale," traces the history of musical innovation spurred by the blending of Puerto Rican and African-American cultures in the Bronx.  

Listen for some influential 'Nuyoricans' (Puerto Ricans from New York), like Eddie Palmieri, Manny Oquendo and Jerry Gonzalez on this week's Saturday Jazz Caliente.

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