It’s all about me - songs that brag and boast

Jul 26, 2012

Hey kids! It’s the latest thing…radio with pictures! Now Record Bin Roulette has visuals to accompany the sound! Thanks to our intrepid intern Katy, who came up with this new way to enjoy the show. Check it out!

As we learn in this week’s episode, talking about ourselves makes us feel good…so these next singers must be feeling pretty good about themselves.

The top bragging song of all time has to be this one from Annie Get Your Gun. It’s Betty Hutton and Howard Keel  singing “Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better”:

This song is totally obnoxious and we hate the fact that we kind of like it. It’s Right Said Fred and “I’m Too Sexy”:

Muddy Waters refined the high art braggadocio, although he probably didn’t call it that. His Mojo is definitely working on “Mannish Boy”:

Women have their moments of swagger also, just check out Peggy Lee with “I’m A Woman”: