The intimacy of the duo: Dee Dee Bridgewater and Benny Green

Jan 24, 2013

Grammy award-winning jazz vocalist, Dee Dee Bridgewater almost always performs with a band accompanying her, while pianist Benny Green is generally heard in a trio configuration and seldom works with vocalists (with the notable exception of being Betty Carter’s pianist when he was in his 20’s). 

So this session was a double treat:  hearing two great musicians, both slightly out of their performance comfort zones, but totally in the moment with each other. 

They loved it, the small studio audience loved it and you’ll love it when you listen to it here. 

As Dee Dee says at the end of the performance:

“When we work in an intimate setting like this, I feel like we kind of get inside of each other’s head…and it’s just fascinating to leave yourself open and receptive to the other person like this.  Amazing, Benny Green, amazing.” 

And we add:  Amazing, Dee Dee Bridgewater, amazing.


  1. All Blues
  2. Don’t Explain
  3. I’m Beginning To See The Light

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