Inslee raises $550k, but now McKenna can fundraise

Apr 11, 2012

The Legislature's adjournment is good news for Republican Attorney General Rob McKenna's gubernatorial campaign coffers.

McKenna now can start fundraising again and try to close the gap between him and Democratic candidate Jay Inslee in the race for the governor's office.

Lawmakers adjourned early Wednesday after being in session for about four months, including three overtime stints since late November. Under state law, McKenna can't raise money while legislators are in Olympia.

According to filings, Inslee's camp raised more than $550,000 in March. McKenna managed nearly $270,000 in limited fundraising during a brief window in between the regular and special session.

Inslee reported having $2.7 million leftover cash, while McKenna has just over $2 million.

In total, Inslee has raised $4.8 million, including transfers from his congressional account. McKenna has raised $4 million.