The infamous 'Christmas Carol Bloodbath' of ... 2011

Dec 22, 2011

This week we pit musical legends against upstarts and imitators, in a duel to the death. You be the judge and jury.

Let’s start with the best selling single of all time, Christmas or not … 50 million copies of Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas” have been sold. Here’s the crooner from the musical Holiday Inn from 1942:

Crosby was dismissive of his role in the song's success, saying later that "a jackdaw with a cleft palate could have sung it successfully."

Lady Gaga couldn’t resist the challenge. Here’s her “White Christmas”:

One of the most loved seasonal songs is this chestnut (sorry) from Nat King Cole, “The Christmas Song”:

Who but a teenage upstart would dare to challenge the supremacy of Nat Cole? Why none other than young human Justin Bieber:

To hear more shocking audio, listen to the episode through the above audio link. We pit Burl Ives against Michael Buble, The Harry Simeone Chorale against The 3 Tenors, and Frank Sinatra against Frankie Valli. No contest!

Which is your favorite?

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