Hybrid cars still a rarity in the Northwest

Feb 29, 2012

We may think about driving hybrid cars, but very few of us actually buy one.

A poll by of Washington and Oregon drivers by Seattle-based PEMCO Insurance finds less than 2% say they own a hybrid.

However, more than half of the drivers in Washington (56%) and Oregon (59%) say they'd consider buying a hybrid the next time they shop for a car.

PEMCO's Jon Osterberg found the results surprising here "in the Northwest, where the 'green' mindset is common." 

When it comes to buying a hybrid, the poll indicates money is the prime motivator. About two-thirds of Washington hybrid drivers and half of Oregon hybrid drivers said they were more concerned with saving money on gas rather than cutting down on pollution.

What would convince Northwesterners to buy a hybrid?

Pollsters found rising gas prices, a 5% drop in hybrid costs and tax breaks would provide the most motivation.