How To Cook Artichoke, Including The Stem

Apr 30, 2014

Nancy Leson was so excited by the mammoth 'chokes she's been getting at the store these days that I was almost too embarrassed to admit that the only artichokes I've ever eaten have been those pickled hearts in the glass jars.  And that's even though we've been growing artichokes just for their blooms for years now. 

All that's ending this week. I'm going to get me some of those monster artichokes she talks about, and cook 'em using tips from Nancy.

It's easier than I thought. And just in case I'm not the last guy on Earth to realize that, Nancy says ,"You can boil them with a little bit of salt water, you can roast them, you can steam them." 

And who knew you could also eat the stem?  

"Peel it with a vegetable peeler – or not — and steam it along with the rest of the artichoke," says Nancy.

She also mentions that those stems are good sliced and stir-fried.

"The artichoke is the only vegetable known of which there is more left when one has finished eating it than when he began."

– Lord Chesterfield                                       

Fun With Dick And Nancy

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