How To Be An Annoying Restaurant Patron

Apr 9, 2014

Back in February, Nancy and I devoted a Food for Thought to annoying things restaurants do. It seems only fair that we now open the forum to restaurant workers about the annoying things customers do. 

Nancy and I have both worked in restaurants, so we had a few little items with which to scratch the surface of Annoying Customer Behavior.

Nancy's number one bugbear and "really bad juju" was customers with reservations who change their minds but don't cancel.  She told me that it was "amazing how many people do that "

"All it takes is a phone call.  The restaurant won't hate you, even if it's the last minute," she said.

To which I added that it might even give the host the opportunity to speak the hoped for "Oh wait — we've just had a cancelation. Come right in."

Now we're hoping to hear from servers, hosts, chefs, bussers — any restaurant worker — about things customers do that really drives you nuts.  Please, can't we all just get along? But in the meantime, let 'er fly, kids!

"I like my customer to be fierce."

—  Christian Louboutin