House Dems Propose $12 Minimum Wage

Jan 23, 2014

Washington’s minimum wage would rise to $12 an hour by 2017 under a proposal from Democrats in the state House. The measure introduced Thursday would phase-in the $2.68 increase over three years.

Freshman Democrat Jessyn Farrell of Seattle is the prime sponsor.

“A day’s work should produce a living wage. We know that if you work full-time at minimum wage in Washington state, you are still at the federal poverty level. That means you qualify for food stamps and other assistance,” Farrell said.

Gov. Jay Inslee quickly praised the proposal as a “commonsense plan.”

Republicans say a minimum wage hike is counterproductive and the focus should be on reducing the cost of doing business in Washington. The state currently has the highest minimum wage in the country at $9.32 an hour.