Honesty In Absence: Tragedy Brings Two Friends Together, But Not Face To Face

Jul 15, 2017

This segment originally aired February 18, 2017.   

Alex Ashley, a journalist and musician from Bellingham, Washington, has known his friend, Kit Knowles, for almost five years now.  The connected after the loss of a mutual friend. 

When it comes to their friendship, they trust each other, they communicate — all the boxes are checked. 

Except one.

“There’s an old proverb — you’ve probably heard it — that says ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder,’” Ashley says.  “But what if that’s all you have: absence? What then?”


The two communicate almost solely over text, never face to face.  Despite this, Ashley and Knowles say their relationship proves more honest than if they started out in person.


Ashley called Knowles to speak on their friendship.