The hoagie that looked better than it was

May 16, 2012

My Food for Thought co-conspirator Nancy Leson has been tormenting me with pics of all the great food she's been scarfing on the east coast.   What lovely schadenfreude I enjoyed upon  learning that the sandwich pictured above was awful.  The bummer was the bread.

It was one of those awful supermarket style hoagie rolls.  You know – the kind that  tastes  like it was  made out of talcum powder and cotton balls.  When that kind of flab is foisted by a genuine east coast sub shop the apocalypse must be at hand.

Even so, she did get in  some great nostalgic eating while back there and the photographic proof is yours to enjoy.

I've been living here in the North West since the mid '70s but I still get a yen for the regional foods of my youth, like Bonomo's Turkish Taffy ("Crack it up!") or a nice tongue sandwich on rye, though I could never stand to watch them slice it. 

What nostalgic food from your past would you like to wrap your chops around again?

"I don't like nostalgia unless it's mine."

 – Lou Reed