Heading outdoors? Saturday's the day ... plus how the windstorm created a geyser at Ivar's

Jan 27, 2012

The weather is so normal, it's almost boring, at least to atmospheric scientists like the UW's Cliff Mass.

"Unfortunately, next week, we just have one minor system after the other coming through," says Mass. "No real severe weather. No big snowstorms or windstorms."

With the morning fog burning off Friday, Mass sees sunshine through this afternoon.

"Saturday's the day to get out there, go skiing, whatever you want to do outside."

The rain comes by Sunday morning.

To hear Mass explain how the big, gusty winds this past week not only blew down a lot of trees, but also produced a "geyser" that pushed up the floor at Ivar's Restaurant in Mukilteo, use the "listen" button above.

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