Gov't shutdown averted: Gov. announces budget deal

Jun 27, 2013

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee says a government shutdown on Monday has been averted. The Democrat announced a budget deal Thursday that comes just in the nick of time. Monday is the start of a new fiscal year and without a signed budget much of state government would have been shuttered.

“The deal reached today makes it clear that state government will continue to operate. We will be notifying all state employees to be at work on Monday, July 1. Government operations will not be interrupted," the governor said. 

Inslee says he hopes to have a final budget on his desk for his signature by close of business Friday.

The budget deal includes a $1 billion down payment to fund public schools. The move is in response to a Supreme Court ruling that said Washington is not amply funding education. The two-year spending plan would end a tax exemption on home telephone service, but leaves intact other tax breaks that Democrats proposed to close.