Gov. Inslee narrows special session agenda

May 13, 2013

With the state Legislature back in session for a 30-day extra inning, Gov. Jay Inslee on Monday narrowed his agenda to three key items: the budget, a roads-and-transit funding package, and a crackdown on impaired drivers.

The governor says it’s time for compromise and consensus in the state Capitol. To that end, the Democrat is no longer insisting the Legislature act on three controversial non-budget issues: guns, abortion coverage, and college grants for undocumented students.

But Inslee is still adamant that the budget will have to raise some new revenue—perhaps through closing some tax exemptions.

“Education is important, but it is not free. And when we get good teachers, really great things can happen. But we need some resources to make things happen,” he said.

The mostly-Republican majority in the state Senate continues to insist a tax package is not necessary. Both sides do agree 30 days is long enough to get a budget deal. But much before 30 days? Don’t count on it.