Gov. Gregoire announces next steps on ocean acidification

Nov 27, 2012

SEATTLE (AP) — Gov. Chris Gregoire has signed an executive order directing state officials to work on the problem of ocean acidification.

The governor is also recommending $3.3 million in her proposed budget to address top recommendations made by an expert panel she called to study the issue.

Acidification is caused when oceans absorb human-generated carbon dioxide. It has hit the shellfish industry in the Northwest hard.

There are six categories of recommendations outlined in the blue ribbon panel’s summary report.

They are:

  • Increase our ability to adapt to and remediate the impacts of ocean acidification
  • Reduce local land-based Contributions
  • Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions
  • Maintain a Sustainable and Coordinated Focus on Ocean Acidification
  • Inform, Educate and Engage Stakeholders, the Public and Decision Makers in Addressing Ocean Acidification
  • Invest in Washington’s Ability to Monitor and Investigate the Effects of Ocean Acidification