Getting The Flag On National Television Each Week Is 'A Coug Thing'

Dec 16, 2017

To say that Washington State University Cougars have school spirit is a wild understatement, and if you have any in your life, you know they don't hesitate to remind you.

Now, Cameron McCoy and many other members of Coug nation have reached a significant milestone in letting their flags fly. 

Actual flags. 

Cameron and his accomplices in the Ol' Crimson Booster Club have made it their business to get a Coug to a different city each week during college football season, and wave the WSU flag in the background on their favorite college fo0tball TV show, ESPN's College GameDay.

Cameron sat down with us and talked about what it means to be a Cougar, and why they've made more than 200 consecutive appearances on that one particular sports show.