Gay marriage supporters court Latino community

Aug 30, 2011

SALEM, Ore. - Gay marriage supporters in Oregon are trying to win over support from the Latino community. They’re targeting Spanish speakers in a new radio ad campaign.

The ads mark the first concentrated effort to build support for gay marriage among the Hispanic community in Oregon.

Jeana Frazzini is executive director of Basic Rights Oregon. She says the effort comes as the organization considers whether to take a same-sex marriage initiative to the ballot next year.

"We keep an eye towards the eventual policy victory that we need to achieve, but through that work seek to change the hearts and minds of folks broadly in Oregon communities," she said.

Frazzini says her group has done some polling on the issue among Hispanics, but she wouldn't release the numbers. Latinos nationally have historically opposed gay marriage.

Basic Rights Oregon is partnering with immigrants rights group CAUSA to run the ads. Oregon voters approved a Constitutional ban on gay marriage in 2004, but the state does offer domestic partnerships.

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