Friday morning's headlines

Jun 3, 2011

Sunny today. High 65. Warm & sunny weekend ahead. Highs in 70s to 80. Forecast here.

Making headlines around the Northwest:

  • Everett's Cascade H.S. Heightens Security After Threats
  • Lawyers: Juror's Actions Cost Clemmons' Getaway Driver a Fair Trial
  • Missing Snowshoer Rescued in North Cascades
  • U.W. Students Arrested in Sodexo Protest


Threats May Keep Everett High School Students Home

Parents of students at Everett's Cascade High School have permission to keep their kids home today. The school has been targeted by vandals, who used the memorial-day weekend to smash a concrete replica of the school's mascot and spray-paint violent warnings. 

One threat warned that five students would be shot today (Fri.)

The School District says it's an unspecified threat.  But it's serious enough that Principal Cathy Woods sent a mass voice mail and emailing, saying she will excuse those who have parent permission to stay away. Security is in full force this morning. 

According to KCPQ TV, Everett police are investigating whether the vandals can be traced to Cascade's cross-town rival Everett High School, which students say have a tradition of tagging the school mascot. Along with the warnings, the vandals sprayed its initials, EHS, as a calling card.


Lakewood Police Shooting Getaway Driver Wants New Trial

Lawyers for the man convicted of being Lakewood cop killer Maurice Clemmons' getaway driver say prosecutorial and juror misconduct cost their client a fair trial. Defense attorneys want the four first-degree murder convictions against Dorcus Allen thrown out and a new trial ordered, according to court documents filed this week.

The attorneys wrote in a pleading that Pierce County prosecutors improperly stated the law during closing arguments and a juror committed misconduct by considering information that wasn't introduced during the trial. The News Tribune reports a hearing on their request is expected to be held later this month.


Missing Minnesota Hiker Rescued Near Stevens Pass

Chelan County deputies say a helicopter has flown a Minnesota hiker to safety after a ground rescue crew helped him off the rocky ledge where he'd gotten stuck in steep, snowy terrain near Stevens Pass. The chopper carrying 21-year-old Ezra Thompson landed last evening at the Lake Wenatchee air strip.

Thompson left the trailhead on May 25 and was expected Tuesday at a church camp where he had volunteered to clear trails. But he got off the trail and wound up on the ledge.


Fourteen U.W. Students Arrested in Latest Sodexo Protest

The fight against food services provider Sodexo continues at the University of Washington. Fourteen students were arrested earlier this week on charges of criminal trespass, after occupying the admissions office at Schmitz Hall. They were taken into custody at 5:35pm - five minutes after closing time.

According to the Seattle Times, it's the third time since mid-May that U.W. students have been arrested, bringing the total to 50. They're demanding an end to the university's contract with company, which is based in France. 

The students say Sodexo violates human rights– allegations the company denies.  

Last month, Western Washington University dropped its contract Sodexo.  And the Evergreen State College dropped Sodexo back in 2001. The "Clean Up Sodexo" campaign is being coordinated by the SEIU labor union….which says it's facing aggressive intimidation tactics from the company for its efforts to unionize their workers.

The UW's five-year contract with the vendor expires next June.  The school's administration a says university committee of students, faculty and staff will begin researching the claims against Sodexo this summer.