The Friday beer: Russian River Brewing’s Pliny the Elder

Jan 13, 2012

What's that? Pliny is on tap? Let's go get some! I'm sure those words have been spoken many, many times. Pliny the Elder is one of those beers that has taken on a cult-like following. People go crazy for it.

Over at Beeradovate, it rates a perfect 100.

Often when a shipment arrives at a specialty beer store they have to put a limit on how many bottles one person can buy – just to give as many people as possible a shot at getting some. If you hear Pliny is on tap at a local pub and you wait too long, like till tomorrow, there's a good chance that keg is done.

Pliny is big. Pliny is bold. Pliny is a perfect example of what defines the West Coast Double IPA. It has a wonderful, citrusy, slightly piney aroma. Somehow at 8 percent ABV, the alcohol is nearly hidden and it goes down easily.

Is there a beer in your book that makes you put down what you're doing and get it while you can – before that barrel runs dry?


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