The Friday beer: Fremont Brewing’s The Brother Imperial IPA

Mar 16, 2012

It’s less than one week until the first day of spring. As we near the vernal equinox, the Pacific Northwest has been getting its share of wacky weather. Rain, wind, snow, sun... yes, we’ve been getting it all in one day. But that’s spring. It can be unpredictable.

And as we say an eager goodbye to a recalcitrant winter some of us are thinking of switching to a different style of beer.

It’s time for something a little lighter than the stouts, porters and barrel-aged beers that have been warming us from within during the cold, dark winter months. Pale Ales, IPAs, maibocks, Belgian-style witbiers and the like are typically lighter in color and body and bring a fresh, clean taste to the table.

Fremont Brewing’s The Brother Imperial IPA offers that fresh hoppy pine smell with a bit of pineapple and citrus. It’s just the kind of beer to sip while on an outside deck, soaking up a bit of that warm weather ... just be ready to dart back inside because that weather could change at any moment this time of the year.

Do you find yourself drinking different beers as the weather changes?

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