Follow-up: Stein sautees the sturgeon

Aug 3, 2011

I was tempted by a recipe I found on the web for Poor Man's Lobster which called for boiling sturgeon in lime soda.  Intrigued but dubious, I chose a less bizarre preparation. 

I cut a hunk of sturgeon into 1-inch thick slices, sprinkled with  salt and pepper, then  pan-fried them in just enough olive oil and butter to keep them from sticking. That's all I did and it came out very nicely, indeed. Firm, delicious and not at all fishy. Fresh sturgeon's gooo-ood! Get one today!

For a side, I made pearl couscous with asparagus, shiitake mushrooms  and tarragon. This was originally a New York Times recipe which called for wrapping the asparagus, herbs, mushrooms along with some prosciutto in parchment paper, baking in a low oven for an hour and serving over couscous.  

I didn't want to turn the oven on so instead just quickly pan-seared the asparagus, then sweated them with the mushrooms and tarragon. I skipped the prosciutto. Also, I soaked the dried shiitakes in hot chicken stock and then boiled the couscous in that. If you'd like to try the original method, by all means give it a shot. 

 ... and remind me to pick up some lime soda for next time. 

(You can also hear the original broadcast of this week's Food for Thought by playing the attached audio.)

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