Floyd tells WSU 'We're not out of this fiscal crisis yet'

Aug 30, 2011

Washington State University President Elson Floyd says the university will get out of the current fiscal crisis, but it is not there yet.

As Washington State University struggles to bring its budget in line with the cuts being mandated by the state, the stress of the task is evident on all of those impacted—administrators, faculty, staff, and students.

The university has lost fifty- two percent of its net state appropriation in the last four years, with millions more to be cut over the next two years and a holdback within the current fiscal year very likely.

“It is important to understand that we are not out of this fiscal crisis yet. We will get out of it, but we are not out of it quite yet,” Floyd said.

That’s Floyd speaking at a budget forum on the Pullman campus last Friday. WSU will make its next round of budget cuts in October.

At the moment, proposals are that WSU will mostly spare faculty and academic programs, but academic units are targeted for consolidation, on-campus libraries may be closed, and funding for some journals cut off.

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