Fair Final Days of Summer, But Rain to Herald in Fall on Sunday

Sep 20, 2013

Right on cue, typical fall rains will usher in the official start of autumn with the equinox on Sunday.

But first we get to enjoy some milder weather for the final days of summer, predicts KPLU weather expert Cliff Mass.

“We’re gonna get some rain, but first we’re going to have a decent day today,” said Mass, a Professor of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Washington. He says there’s a front right offshore, visible on the coastal radar. But it’s going to be coming in slowly.

“So, it’ll be partly cloudy in the morning, some mixed sun and it will cloud up during the afternoon. But temperatures will probably get up to the low 70s and the rain won’t hit till around dinnertime.”

Tomorrow, after the front has moved through, there will be intermittent showers, with sprinkles on and off. And temperatures will get up to “maybe in the mid-60s, so not a bad day,” Mass said.

“It’ll be worse on the west side than on the east, so if you want to get out of it, just go to eastern Washington,” he advises. 

On Sunday, Mass predicts it might be decent in the morning but, around mid-day it will cloud up quickly and it will be hard to escape wet weather.

“The strongest front we’ve seen since the spring will be moving through middle of the day,” on Sunday Mass says, bringing with it a rainy afternoon… just in time for the fall equinox.  

Wet cool weather with temperatures in the 60s will continue Monday and Tuesday, Mass says. He says on Wednesday, it will lighten up a bit. And he says slightly warmer, milder weather could continue through Friday.


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