Eyman's anti-tolling initiative too close to call

Nov 8, 2011

Early election returns show Tim Eyman's anti-tolling initiative is failing.

Unofficial results released Tuesday night showed the race too close to call, with 51.5 percent of voters opposing the measure. Initiative 1125 would force the Legislature to vote on tolls, instead of allowing a commission to handle it.

State officials fear that the rules would scare away investors who won't want to purchase bonds backed by tolls that could be mired in a political process. The measure also includes a major provision that would halt light rail from running across the Interstate 90 bridge.

Eyman's initiative campaign was largely funded by Bellevue developer Kemper Freeman, who has battled against light rail proposals for years. The initiative drew broad opposition, from business groups, Democratic leaders in Olympia and Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob McKenna.