Expert casts doubt on latest suspected D.B. Cooper

Aug 3, 2011

An expert on the infamous airplane hijacker D.B. Cooper is dubious about the latest suspect to emerge in the 40-year-old case. An Oklahoma woman went public this week with the claim her late uncle was the mysterious hijacker.

Author Geoffrey Gray has just published a new book on the hunt for the real D.B. Cooper. Gray sees some resemblance between the police sketch of the folklore legend and a Polaroid snapshot of a former central Oregon man named Lynn Doyle Cooper.

The picture and the suspect's name come from Cooper's niece, Marla. But author Gray questions the timeline of the niece's story and the plausibility of some of her memories from when she was 8 years old.

The niece tells interviewers she remembers her uncle coming home to Sisters, Ore., bloodied and bruised the morning after the hijacking. Marla Cooper tells CNN that she herself doubts the FBI can conclusively prove her suspicions due to a lack of surviving physical evidence.

She says the man she knew as "L.D." Cooper died in 1999.

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