This Ex-Pro Boxer Is Someone You Probably Wouldn't Want to Say "No" To

Sep 9, 2017

Tricia Arcaro Turton’s career started with a big fat “no.” She says she was never one to be discouraged just because someone tells her she can’t do something. And at a young age, she was told that she couldn’t be a 

My dad just kind of laughed at me, put his hand on my head and said girls can't box. So I thought what a stupid sport.

boxer. She decided to write off the sport all together.

But later in life she would undergo grueling training, and eventually became a professional boxer. This, of course, came after she played elite rugby on the United States national team. She’d rack up 8 wins and 4 losses as a boxer before retiring in 2005, and now she has her own gym.

These days she trains boxers -- men and women, professional and newbie alike. And she tries to teach her students to face themselves in the ring, the way she had to as a rookie and still does today. We met up at her gym on Seattle’s First Hill, and talked about what sports have meant to her over the years.