Everett school board scuffle ended in scratches, no arrests planned

Aug 26, 2011

EVERETT, Wash. — Police say no one's going to be arrested following a scuffle at an Everett School Board meeting this week, but misdemeanor charges are possible.

The Herald newspaper reports that investigators have given prosecutors a seven-page report on the incident, which occurred while board members were meeting in executive session Tuesday night. The report says there's not enough evidence for any assault arrests, and the most appropriate applicable charge would be disorderly conduct.

The fight involved board president Ed Petersen and members Jessica Olson and Kristie Dutton, and began when Olson turned on her video camera. The other four board members objected and Petersen reached for the camera. Police found that within minutes, Olson was grappling with Dutton over control of documents while being restrained by Petersen.

Olson and Dutton said they were scratched.