Drive safely on Super Bowl Sunday

Feb 4, 2011

In the past 9 years, 12 people have died on Washington highways during Super Bowl Sunday. "Target Zero Teams" will be out in force in King, Pierce and Snohomish counties, looking for impaired drivers this weekend.The Washington State Patrol says nearly three dozen city police officers, county sheriff's deputies and state troopers will be on patrol after the game.

WSP Chief John Batiste says:

“Fans don’t let fans drive drunk. Baseball has the designated hitter. On Super Bowl Sunday we need designated drivers to make sure their fellow fans get home safely.”

Snohomish County Sheriff John Lovnick says state law allows drivers to use their cell phones to report emergencies to 911. Impaired driving qualifies as an emergency.

State troopers arrested 19 impaired drivers in the tri-county area after last year's Super Bowl game.

Target Zero is the state’s Strategic Highway Safety Plan, which calls for all traffic deaths to be eliminated by the year 2030.