Deadline for Occupy to leave Seattle campus to be enforced

Dec 9, 2011

Anyone still camped out at the community college in Seattle this afternoon can be cited for trespassing and forcibly removed from the campus said Jill Wakefield, Chancellor of Seattle Community Colleges.

But she says she hopes it won’t have to come to that kind of confrontation with Occupy Seattle protesters at Seattle Central Community College. And, according to one Occupy resident, the protesters have been tearing down and cleaning up. They've even brought in a dumpster for the effort.

The school is working with state and city agencies as to determine the next step. 

"We’ve been working to resolve this situation peacefully and we just need the cooperation of Occupy Seattle to make this happen,” she said.

For now, it appears as though a number of Occupiers have taken the eviction notices to heart. Wakefield says several of the tents are coming down and it appears that the Occupiers getting ready to move.

The question is where?

Some are thinking of taking up Mayor McGinn on his offer of City Hall. But, about half of the 100 or so protesters are thought to be chronically homeless men and women who’ve integrated themselves into the makeshift city.

Wakefield said the fear is that they’ll get left behind or swept up by the police when it’s time to enforce the eviction.

To avoid that Wakefield said, "We’ve contacted the city’s department of human services and we’ve asked them to work with the homeless to find a place to stay."

Notes on Occupy Seattle website indicate the group is considering a move to St. Mark’s church on Capitol Hill but they’re waiting on permission from the congregation.