Daredevil photographer posts photos taken at dizzying heights

May 23, 2013

Afraid of heights? This story might make you a bit queasy. 

A mysterious photographer is once again scaling some of Seattle's tallest buildings to capture photos from knee-weakening heights. 

A Reddit user named “shuttersubversive” posted a new round of photos on the website this week.

One of the images appears to have been taken from the top of the flagpole on the Space Needle. Another looks down from a tall building that sits next to the southbound lanes of Interstate 5 just south of downtown.

One appears to have been taken from a crane along the waterfront while another looks down into CenturyLink Field from above.

The photographer, who claims to have been "rooftopping" for five years, has been up to these high-risk stunts for at least a year.

Six months ago, the Reddit user posted a photo of someone leaning against a curvy panel of the Space Needle’s top piece. And last summer, the user posted photos taken from the top of the Great Wheel, including one of  a man sitting on one of the beams. The photographer has also shared photos taken from high above Safeco Field and CenturyLink Field, as well as one taken atop the Tacoma Narrows Bridge

Photographers around the world have been taking part in this daredevil practice. A search of the term “rooftopping” yields pages of dizzying results.