Critics call state's new pot logo promotional

Jun 11, 2013

Washington’s Liquor Control Board has been inundated with feedback on its proposed marijuana regulations. The deadline to submit comments was Monday. The Board is writing the rules for legalized cannabis. Among the many concerns: the state’s new pot logo.

It’s called the Produced in Washington icon. It’s an outline of the state with a marijuana leaf in the middle. The idea was to require this label be affixed to any package containing marijuana sold at a retail store.

But not everyone thinks this grown-and-processed-in-Washington logo is a good idea. In feedback to the Liquor Control Board, Alison Holcomb, who led the legalization campaign, said the image could brand Washington as “the marijuana state.”

The state’s pot consultant, Mark Kleiman, agrees it’s promotional.

“That does seem to be closer to endorsement than is probably wise for something that: a) will be against federal law, and b) poses a health risk. I mean I wouldn’t like to see that logo on beer, either.”

The Liquor Control Board says the logo along with many other aspects of the proposed regulations are under review. In fact, the state plans to delay issuing the final draft rules by two weeks in order to digest the more than 200 comments received.