Creating Connection: Keepsake Acts As A Reminder Of How A Loved One Lives On In Others

Feb 11, 2017

A trinket, unintentionally loosed from a handful of change KNKX producer Nick Morrison used to pay for his morning coffee created a connection between him and his morning barista.

“I just said, ‘My sister,’ and she said, ‘My son,” he remembers.

Shauna, the team leader of the coffee cart had the same glass heart.  The two locked eyes, clasped hands, and created a connection recalled every time Morrison picks up his split-shot latte.

Upon his younger sister’s passing, a man from a support agency offered him the small piece of art as a comfort. Morrison’s sister, like Shauna’s daughter, was an organ donor.

The keepsake, he says, makes him feel good.  Like he has a little piece of her with him all the time.

“Keys, change, and a little ceramic or glass heart,” said Morrison, listing the everyday contents of his pockets.


Sound Effect's Jennifer Wing spoke with Morrison about everything the keepsake means to him.