Court blocks Seattle's "Creative Approach Schools"

Jul 5, 2012

Backers of a measure to allow charter schools in Washington are scheduled to turn in their petition signatures Friday. Meanwhile, a pilot project designed in part to short-circuit the argument for charter schools was blocked Thursday in court.

“Creative Approach Schools” would give administrators many of the freedoms charter schools get. But they would still hire a unionized workforce and be run by the district. The schools were to begin operating independently in the fall of 2013. In coming up with a plan for these special schools, the Seattle school board basically gave up its own authority over how those schools are set up.  

A group of advocates sued the district, arguing the board has no right to abdicate its authority. A King County judge ruled in their favor yesterday. Much of the support for Creative Approach Schools come from charter school opponents, including the teachers union. The framework for the special schools now goes back to the school board, which can either change or abandon it.