Cool Things to Do with Ziploc Bags

Nov 13, 2013

For sheer utility, the Ziploc stands right up there with Velcro and duct tape. The web is full of sites like Weird Things to Do with Ziploc Bags. But I have a couple of uses for them that I haven't seen listed.

What to do with that extra tomato paste? Used to be I'd open one of those little cans, scoop out the two tablespoons I needed, then stick the remainder in the fridge to sit there and mold. Now I just put the extra into a Ziploc, press it flat and freeze it. Then I can break off a small piece whenever I need one. 

Nancy teases that I should just buy tomato paste in a tube, but where's the fun in that?

When I pound meat, I no longer sandwich it in plastic wrap. Instead I use two 8-inch squares I snipped from a big Ziploc years ago. That way, I don't have to tear off new pieces of wrap with my meat-juiced fingers, eliminating the cross-contamination problem. Then, when the pounding's finished I just wash them in soapy water, blot dry on a kitchen towel and roll 'em up for next time.

Nancy turned a white elephant gift into a dryer rack for her Ziplocs.

“It was this ugly, plasticky kitchen implement, and I thought, ‘What is this?’” she said.

The gizmo looked like an old-time rabbit ear TV antenna. Turns out the prongs hold the Ziploc in place so you can, say, pour in chicken stock without having to call someone over to hold the bag open for you.

“Now,” Nancy said. “I use it to dry my Ziploc.” But she says the best use of the bags is for “when you’re trying to sneak stinky cheese and Charcuterie out of Vancouver.”

So what novel uses for Ziplocs have you come up with? 

(Ziploc bags are) "...male because they hold everything in but you can see right through them."