For Comedian Scott Losse, Oversharing On Stage Is About More Than Just Laughs

Jul 15, 2017

This segment originally aired February 18, 2017. 

For comedians like Seattle’s Scott Losse, sharing lots of information about their flaws and their family members is just a given. He goes on stage in front of a live audiences telling jokes about things like his lifelong issues with anxiety and his deep love for his 16-year-old cat named Kitty.

But comedy often comes from pain, and that's true for Scott. When he was younger, Scott lost his two older brothers — one from suicide, the other, in a car accident.

Scott Losse talks with 88.5’s Ariel Van Cleave how seeing a therapist led to him performing on stage.  

He says before he sought professional help, those tragedies caused him to have anxiety that was so severe he was almost incapable of ordering a pizza over the phone.


Losse also talks about how even with all of the information that he shares on stage about his own personal struggles, there is still some information that is a little too close to home to share.